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National Catch Restrictions for 2018*


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Jan 1st - May 11th  -  1 fish per day**
May 12th - Aug 31st  -  3 fish per day
Sep 1st - Sep 30th  -  1 fish per day

*Per rod.
**Subject to a total of 3 fish during this period.
The total season bag limit is 10 fish per angler.

Only fly rods and spinners are permitted on the Gairha beat.
Live bait and prawns are prohibited.


National Licences & local permits

Angling in Ireland is regulated by Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI), a State body established in July 2010. Anglers are legally required to be in possession of a licence when fishing for salmon or sea trout. Licences can be purchased from a number of sources, including fishing tackle shops, IFI offices and some fisheries. Alternatively you can purchase a licence on-line here. A licence does not confer the right to fish; a fishing permit is also required and must be separately obtained from us. Please click on the Rates tab, above, to view our daily and weekly rates for a permit to fish the Gairha beat.