Water Level

Ballyduff Bridge
20 Feb. -

Staff Level Gauge: 1.021 m.
O.D. Level: 10.681 m

Ideal water levels: 

  • Fly Fishing - 0.4m or less
  • Spinner - 1m or less






Met Eireann Forecast

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Today -
Today Today will be mostly dry and sunny with just a few clouds and patches of mist along Atlantic coasts and perhaps the odd shower drifting onshore there. Winds will be mostly light northwest to northerly. Top temperatures will be around 8 to 10 degrees.

TonightTonight will continue mostly dry and clear with just the odd shower along Atlantic coasts. Winds will remain light north to northeasterly with patches of mist and fog forming towards morning. It will be cold with lowest temperatures falling to between -3 and +2 degrees leading to a widespread sharp frost, coldest in the midlands and east.

Tomorrow Tomorrow, Wednesday, frost and fog will gradually clear in the morning and it will be another dry day with good sunny spells and just the odd shower along south and west coasts. Top temperatures will be 7 to 9 degrees in just light southeasterly winds veering southerly.

Outlook Wednesday night will be mainly dry but cloud is expected to be thicker with some very light and patchy rain or drizzle along coasts. Lowest temperatures will range between zero and plus 2 degrees from east to west and winds will be light south to southeasterly in direction, becoming moderate overnight. Thursday will be a cloudier day overall with patchy light rain at times. Temperatures in the day time will be between 6 and 8 degrees and winds will be mainly light to moderate south to southeasterly. Temperatures overnight will fall to near freezing in the east but will remain at around 3 or 4 degrees elsewhere. Friday will be mainly dry once again, there'll be some bright or sunny spells and just a little patchy drizzle or light rain in the south of the country. Temperatures will range between 5 degrees in the east to 7 degrees in the west and winds will be moderate southeasterly and will freshen later. It'll be mainly dry overnight and in the east temperatures will fall below freezing bringing a sharp frost there, elsewhere temperatures will be higher at about 3 or 4 degrees. Saturday will be dry with sunny spells and a moderate southeast wind. Temperatures similar to Friday but much colder overnight as skies clear. Temperatures well below freezing everywhere expected. The details of further outlook remains uncertain and will be monitored for detail. At the moment it looks like it will be a cold regime with easterly winds, temperatures below freezing at night and the risk of snow showers along the east and south coast, but mainly dry elsewhere.