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Water Level

Ballyduff Bridge
25 June -

Staff Level Gauge: 0.185 m.
O.D. Level: 9.845 m

Ideal water levels: 

  • Fly Fishing - 0.4m or less
  • Spinner - 1m or less






Met Eireann Forecast

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Today -
Today will be a very warm and sunny day in most areas. High cloud will make the sunshine a bit hazy at times but all places will stay dry. Highest temperatures of 24 to 27 degrees, a little cooler on coasts due to onshore breezes.


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Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be very warm or hot with sunshine. Occasional high cloud will make the sunshine hazy at times. Top temperatures generally between 25 and 28 degrees, but values will be lower again in most coastal areas due to sea breezes.

Outlook High pressure will persist throughout the coming week, giving dry settled conditions. Warm or hot by day, with spells of hazy sunshine each day. But very close and sticky at night. Tuesday night: A close, humid night with lowest temperatures of 11 to 14 C., in slack variable or easterly breezes; some clear spells, but possibly some patches of shallow mist also. Mostly sunny from Wednesday to Friday inclusive, but the sunshine is likely to be hazy in nature at times, due to some high clouds. Daytime temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high twenties quite widely, possibly a little higher locally on some days. But values will be a little lower in coastal areas, with afternoon sea breezes, so feeling a little fresher and possibly more bearable. The nights will be close and humid too, with temperatures, at their lowest, remaining in the low to mid-teens, sometimes higher. Little change in most places for next weekend. So staying dry, warm and fairly sunny. But temperatures may fall back to the high teens or low twenties by day, in some northern areas, where northerly breezes may freshen.