10 July 2016 - A magnificent day today at Gairha, firstly, one of our regulars landed this nice wee fish - his first at Gairha this year; I also landed a small grilse, which I would have returned, but had a serious bleed so had to give it the last rites; there are a fair few fish moving upstream lately, long may it continue. RT

10Jul2016 - Norman

10Jul2016 - Norman's Fish

10Jul2016 - Ralph's fish


Stopped off at Gairha for an hour today (Monday 11th) and landed this beauty; taking the fly very gently and then erupting into action, leaping as though it was a Tarpon (their trademark). There are a lot of fish throughout the lower beats now and have been for some time; the level rose by 12 inches during the day, so this fresh water should bring more fish into the system.

10Jul2016 - Ralphs silver bar

2nd June 2016 - A proud Savill Young after he landed this silver bar today - his second salmon at Gairha in three visits - well done Savill.

Savill Young's salmon - 2 June 2016

Site Improvements 2012

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This autumn we went to some expense to improve access to the Giarha beat by hiring a JCB digger to clear and grade a new access road down to the river from the R666. The new, compacted gravel road will provide all weather access and off road car parking.


Basques clean up at Gairha!

This group of Spanish friends demonstrate just what you can achieve before 11am from our Gairha beat!