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The Cork Blackwater is one of Ireland’s finest Salmon Rivers. Rising near Kishkeem in Co. Kerry, it runs for over 150km to the sea at Youghal and is also one of the most important salmon rivers in Europe.

We pride ourselves on generations of experience in catching salmon on the 2.8km stretch of the Gairha beat, which boasts several first class pools, riffles and glides wherein you can pit your wit against one of the finest game fish in the world. We welcome all ages and levels of experience, and offer professional tuition to the complete beginner and also to those who just want to brush up on their skills in the art of fly fishing at Gairha. Under our expert tuition, many have caught their first salmon within just a few days of starting!

The Gairha beat extends from the stream entering the river on the north bank, just up from Ballyduff bridge to Walsh's Pool, just east of Summerfield and encompases some of the best and most rewarding fishing on the river.

The season for salmon opens on 1st February and continues until 30th September. Due to the size of its catchment area the Blackwater maintains a good flow throughout the season and productive fishing is possible in a wide range of weather conditions.

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